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Stand by me

La cucaracha

Sweet & texas

Belle louisiana

Versions of you

Sweet ireland


Please yourself

Mamma Maria

Stand by me

Eyes on you

Sweet and texas, Give me shivers

Jungle Freak

Versions of you


An absolute dream

Please yourself, Stand by me

Wild stallion

Eyes on you, You’re some girl

Damn love

Jungle freack, Knock off


18 wheels ab

An absolute dream, Mamma maria, Stand by me

Deep end

Wild stallion


Damn love, Versions off you


Heave away

18 wheels, Please youself, Stand by me

Impossible love

Deep end, Eyes on you

Daytona sand



Yes or no

Heave away, An absolute dream, Mamma maria

Irish stew

Impossible love, Belle louisiana

Daytona sand


La cucaracha

Yes or no, 18 wheels, Please yourself, Stand by me

Mama & me

Irish stew, Eyes on you

When you’re drunk

Daytona sand, Damn love






Révisions : La cucaracha, Yes or no, Heave away, 18 wheels, Stand by me Mamma maria

Révisions : Mama & me, Irish stew, Impossible love, Deep end

1 2 snap

When you’re drunk, Flowers


She’s a fire

Bubblegum country

Please yourself, 18 Wheels, Yes or no

Little green bag

Eyes on you, Deep end

Chill factor

1 2 snap, Damn love, Daytona sand


50 ways (easy)

She’s a fire, Bubblegum country, 


Little green bag, Belle louisiana, Wild stallion, Sweet & texas

Irish boots

Chill factor, When you drunk


Fish in the sea

50 ways, Stand by me

Double devil

Drinkaby, Mama & me, One more time, Impossible love

Irish boots, 1 2 snap, Daytona sand


No truck song

Fish in the sea, Heave away, She’s a fire, 

Get in or get out

Double devil, Irish stew, Deep end

50 ways

When you’re drunk, Flowers, Damn love


Some kind of wonderful

No truck song, 50 ways

Dear mama

Get in or get out, Drinkaby, Wild stallion

Til you can’t

50 ways , Irish boots



Some kind off wonderfull, Stand by me

Dear mama, Eyes on you, Little green bag, Double devil

Westville stomp

Til you can’t, Version off you, When you’re drunk, 1 2 snap


Vacances !!


Cheeseburger, No truck song, 50 ways,Fish in the sea, She’s a fire

Marry me

Dear mama, Drinkby, Impossible love


Westville stomp


Won’t you dance with me

Some kind off wonderfull, Bubblegum Country, La cucaracha

Never let go

Marry me, Double devil, Deep end, Get in or get out

Ghosted, I’m just needing more, When ou’re drunk


One last shot

Won’t you dance with me, Yes or no, Heave away

Wildflowers & wild horses

Never let go

Mony mony

Til you can’t, Flowers


Never drinking again

One last shot, 18 Wheells, An absolute dream

Wildflowers & wild horse, Marry me, Mama & me, Irish stew

Imelda’s way

Around the fire

Mony mony


Never drinking again, Please yourself, Mamma maria, Heave away

Honky tonk minute

Wildflowers & wild horse, Double devil, Get in or get out

Something you love

Around the fire


Always humble

Yes or no, La cucaracha

Honky tonk minute, Dear mama, Marry me

Something you love, Flowers, Daytona sand, Damn love




Always humble, Stand by me, Cheeseburger, 50 Ways, She’s a fire

Cabo san lucas

Honky tonk minute, Eyes on you, Wild stallion, Impossible love

3 tequila floor

Something you love, When you drunk


We’re good to go

Fish in the sea, Mama maria, 18 wheels

Tippin’ it up

Cabo san lucas, Wildflowers & wild horse, Never let go, Imelda way

If you believe

3 Tequila floor, Around the fire


Glass of wine

We’re good to go, One last chot, An absolute dream, 

Tippin’ it up, Deep end, Impossible love, Marry me, Dear mama

The break

If you believe, 1 2 Snap


Another country

Glass of wine, Heave away

Fingers crossed

Tippin’ it up, Honky tonk minute, Double devil

The break, Ghosted

1/4 Férié

Another country, We’re good to go, Always humble, Mamma maria, 18 wheels, Stand by me

Fingers crossed, Imelda way, Irish stew, Get in or get out, Cabo san lucas

Right girl wrong time

3 tequilla floor, The break




Texas hold’em

Never drinking again, Glass off wine

Bosa nova

Fingers crossed, Tippin’ it up, Honky tonk minute

Right girl wrong me, If you believe, Something you love, Around the fire


Ain’t gone yet

Another country, We’re good to go, Won’t you dance with me

Texas hold’em novice

Bosa nove, Marry me

Everyone needs a hero

Mony mony


Texas old em, Ain’t gone yet, Heave away, 18 wheels, No truck song

El merengue

Texas old’em, Eyes on you, Wild stallion

Everyon needs a hero, Right girl wrong time




Getting older

Ain’t gone yet, Glass of wine, Some king of wonderfull

Bad day to be a beer

Imelda way, El merengue, Dear mama

Rooting for you

Everyon needs a hero, If you believe


Put it on

Getting older, Texas hold em, We’re good to go

Gives me shivers

Bad day to be a beer, Texas hold em

Rolling in the deep

Rootong for you


Put it on, Stand by me, La cucaracha, Please yourself, Mama maria, An absolute dream, 18 wheels

Give me shivers, Wild stallion, Deep end, Impossible love, Irish stew

Rolling in the deep, Jungle freak, Damn love, Flowers





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