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7/09 Stealing the best, Kiss for kicks, Back to the star, Hot tamales, These old boots, Coffee days… Crystal touch, Leaving of leaverpool, Revival, Sweet sweet smile, Bonapart retreat Wintergreen, Floor it, Youg forever, Black horses

Fly like a bird

Bubblegum country

For my money, Baddaboum…, Shallow end, Win, Leaving of leaverpool Aberdeen, Kiss and tell, Legend

Back to the start

Bubblegum country, Fly like a bird


Cherry bomb, By your side

Something you love

Half past nothin, Pick her up, Wagon wheel rock



Back to the star, Fly like a bird, Bubblegum cowboy

If you

Wannabes, A different summer, Gone west

Drink drank drunk

Something you love, Aberdeen


Easy dance

AA, Fly like a bird, One 0 one, Stealing the best, Calma y lento

Drowns the whiskey

If you, Wannabes, Cherry bomb, Rythm or reason


Drink drank drunk, Cold, Amame


Before I knew it

Easy dance, Back to the star, AA, Fly like a bird

Belle louisiana

Down the whikey, Mamma’s sunshine.., Sweet sweet smile, Bonapart retreat

All summer long


Floor it


Borracho grande

Before i knew it, These hold boots, Country boy’s lovin, Something in the water

Neon blue heart

Belle louisiane

All summer long, The gambler, Something you love
9/11 Borracho grande, Before I knew it, Back to the star Neon blue heart

I’m just needing more

All summer long, Drink drank drunk


Go country

Borracho grande, Before i knew it, Easy dance

Gives me shivers

Neon blue heart, Belle louisiana, If you

Knock of

I’m just needing more, Cold, Aberdeen


Heave away

Go country, AA, Fly like a bird, Bubblegum country


Give me shivers Corn, Baddaboum…, A different summer

Im just needing more, Knock off, My bestie, Black horse

I found joy

Heave away, Back to the star, Easy dance, Borracho grande

One more time

Playboys, Give me shivers, Shallow end, Cherry bomb

She don’t know

Brokenhearted, Drink drank drunk, Something you love


God blessed texas

I found joy, Go country, Before I knew it, AA

I have been lonely

One more time, Neon blue heart

Sweet ireland

She don’t know, I’m just needing more, Knock off


Shut up & dance

God blessed texas, I found joy, Heave away, Go country, Borracho grande

I have been lonely, Raised like that Sweet ireland, Drink drank drunk, Wintergreen, Pick her up Something you love
4/01 Shut up & dance, Before I knew it, Easy dance, AA, Back to the star, Fly like a bird, Bubblegum, Heave away

Through your eyes

I have been lonely, Playboys, Neon blue heart 

Country round here tonight

Sweet ireland, All summer long, I’m just …, Knock off


Fish in the sea

Go country, Kis for kicks, Sag drag & fall, Coffee day…, Stealling the best, These old boots

Mama & me

Through your eyes, If you, Belle louisiana, Gone west

The world

Country round here tonight, Brokenhearted, Cold

18/01 annulé intempéries 

Some kind of wonderful

Fish in the sea, I found joy, Before I knew it, Heave away

Mama & me The difference

Always humble

Some kind of wonderfull, God blessed texas, Shut up & dance, Go country

Mama & me, Through your eyes, Give le shivers The difference, Drink drank drunk, Sweet ireland, I’m just neeeding more
22/02 Always humble, Some kind of wonderfull, Borracho grande, Before I new it, AA, Easy dance, Fish in the sea

LD funk

I have been lonely, One more time, Playboys

Bud light blue

Sweet Ireland, Knock off, All summer long


You’re some girl

Mamma Maria

I found joy, Fly like a bird, Back to the star

Sweet & texas

LD funk, Belle louisiana, Drown the whiskey

Something you love, Bud light blue, Legend, Brokenhearted, Drink drank drunk

Cut a Rug

You’re some girls, Back to the star, Mamma maria


Swwet & texas, Neon blue heart, If you, Wannabes

What we’re made of

Bud light blue, Sweet Ireland, Country around here tonight


One last shot

Cut a rug, Go country, God blessed texas, Heave away, Shut up and dance

Bad day to be a beer

Sweet & texas, Give me shivers, Through your eyes, Mama & me     

Just over

What we’re made off, The world, I’m just needing more, All summer long


Cumbia semana

One last shot, Some kind of wonderfull, Always humbles Easy dance, You’re some girl

Sweet & texas, Bad day to be a beer

Daytona sand

Bud light blue


Dead or in jail

Cumbia semana, King of the wonderfull, Heave away, Fly like a bird, Borracho grande

The captain

I have been lonely, One more time, Playboys

Daytona sand, Wintergreen, Cold, Pick her up, Bud light blue, Sweet ireland

My firts flowers

Dead or in jail, AA, Go country, Easy dance, Fish in the sea

  Daytona sand, What we’re made off, Country around here tonight, Drink dran drunk, Wintergreen, Knock off
26/04 My firts flowers, Cumbia semana, One last shut, Cut a rug, You’re some girl, Before I knew it, I found joy

Get in or get out

The captain, Give me shivers

Take myself dancing

Something you love, Sweet ireland


Giddy up!

My firts flowers, Always humble, I found joy, Some kind of wonderfull

Raised like that

Get in or get out, Bad day to be a beer, Wannabes


Daytona sand, Bud like blue


We’re good to go

Giddy up, Heave away, Go country, Borracho grande

Marry me

Raised like thet, Rio, If you, Belle louisiana

Westville stomp

Flowers, What we’re made off, Country around here tonight

17/05 Révisions avec Evelyne….Houlala!!!

Ain’t ever

AA, We’re good to go, Easy dance, You’re some girl, Fish in the sea, Fly like a bird

Deep end

Marry me

Versions of you

Westville stomp, Brokenhearted, Knock off, Drink drank drunk, 



Neon blue herd, Playboys, Throught your eyes, I have been lonely

Versions off you, Something you love, I’m just needing more, Knock off, Sweet ireland
7/06 Always humble Raised like that, Marry me, Deep end, Drinkaby

Chill factor

Country around here tonight, Sweet ireland, All summer long

14/06   Wannabes, Marry me, Deep end, Drinkaby, Belle louisiane, Neon blue heart, Give me shivers, Playboys Chill factor, The world, The difference, Bud light blue, What we’re mede off, Flowers
21/06 Ain’t ever, We’re good to go, Giddy up, My firts flowers, Dead or in jail, Cumbia semana, One last shut Roi, Bad day to be a beer, The captain, Marry me, Get in or get out, Sweet & texas Versions of you, Aberdeen, Daytona sand, Westville stomp, Drink drank drunk
28/06   Mama & me, Playboys, Throught your eyes, I have been lonely, Marry me, Drinkaby, Deep end, Belle louisiana, If you What we’re made off, Sweet ireland, Flowers
Bonnes vacances à tous!!!

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