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Paris tennessee


For my money

Gone west, Nor fair

The gambler, Knokin’ boots, All night, The trail

One o one

K is for kicks

Paris tennessee, Jérusalema

Badda boom! badda bang!

Holiday time




Country boy lovin’

Paris tennessee, Jérusalema, One o one, Kis for kicks

Crystal touch

Badda boum!…, Gone west, For my money

Half’ past nothin’

Wintergree, Ding dang darn it


Coffe days & whiskey nights

Country boy lovin, One 0 one, Kis for kicks, Paris…, Jérusalema


Chrystal touch, For my money, The banks of the roses

Two rooms & a kitchen

Half past nothin, Wintergreen


Hot tamales

One 0 one, Country boy.., Kis for kicks, Coffee…, Paris tennessee


Win, Gone west

J’ai du boogie

Tow rooms…, Nothing but you, Wintergreen


Easy dance

Hot tamales, Coffee…, Paris tennessee, Country boy’s lovin

Tell the world

Revival, Chrystal touch


Go cat go

Easy dance, Coffee…, One 0 one, Hot tamales, Kis for kicks

By your side

Tell the world, Win


Day of the dead, A girl like you, Wintergeen


Baby amame

Go cat go, Country boy lovin, Jérusalema, Paris Tennesse

Leaving of liverpool

By your side, Badda…, For my money


Legend, The trail, Two rooms & a kitchen


Sag, drag & fall

Baby Amame, Easy dance, Hot tamames, Kis for kicks

Shallow end

Leaving of liverpool, Tell teh world, Chrystal touch

Floor it

Amame, Half past nothin, Legend


It’s time for a cold one

Sag, drag & fall, Coffee…, Country boy lovin

Fais dodo

Shallow end, By your side, Win, Badda boum…


Floor it, J’ai du boogie


These old boots

It’s time…, Jérusalema, Hot tamales, Easy dance, Paris tennesse, Kis for kicks, Go cat go

Fais dodo, For my money, Badda boum…, Crystal touch, Revival


Rise, Wintergreen, Two rooms & a kitchen



These old boots, Sag drag and fall, Baby amame, Coffee day…, One o one, Country boy’s lovin, It’s time..

Win, Leaving of leeverpool, Shallow end  
7/01 Mississippi, These old boots, Easy dance, Hot tamales, Kiss for kicks, Sag drag & fall

Mama’s sunshine daddy’s rain

Tell the wold, By your side, Win, Revival, Leaving of leaverpool

Something you love

Aberdeen, Floor it, Half past nothing


Calma y lento

It’s time…, Baby amame, Coffee…, Country boy lovin, Jérusalema


Mamma’s…, Shallow end, Baddaboum…

Something you love, Amame, A girl like you, Wintergreen, Legend
21/01 Annulé

Love ain’t

Calma y lento, Sag…, Easy dance, Hot tamales, One 0 one, Kiss for kicks, Thes old boots

Sweet sweet smile

Corn, Chrystal touch, For my money, Leaving…, Mama’s…

My bestie

Aberdeen, Rise, Floor it


Something in the water

Go cat go, Coffee…, Country boy’s lovin’

Belle louisiana

Sweet sweet.., Revival, By your side

Kiss & tell

My bestie, Wintergreen


Dare to dance

Something in the water, Mississipi, These old boots

Bonaparte’s retreat

Bella Louisina, Mama’s…., Tell the world

Kiss & tell, Legend, Something you love, My bestie
18/02 Dare to dance, Love ain’t, It’s time…, Sag drag.., Calma y lento, Easy dance, Coffee.. Bonaparte.., Belle louisiana, Mamma’ Kiss and tell, Two rooms and a kitchen, Something you love
25/02 vacances – LOTO

Go country

Dare to dance, Love ain’t, Baby amame, Hot tamales, Jérusalema

The captain

Bonaparte.., Shallow end, Leaving…, Crystal touch

Pick her up

My bestie, Aberdeen, Rise, Floor it


Stealing the best

Go country, 101, Kiss for kicks, Calma y lento, Something in the water

Cherry bomb

The captain, By your side, Revival

Just over

Pick her up, Wintergreen, Half past nothing, J’ai du boogie


Dark side

Stealing…, Go cat go, Sag dra.., These old boots, Country.., Something in the water

One more time

Cherry bomb, Win, Badda…, For my money

Black horse

Just over, Amame


By the numbers

Dark side, Dare to dance, Go country, Mississipi, Love ain’t, Sag drag & fall

A different summer

One more time, Sweet…, Belle louisina, The captain

Black hore, Something you love, Legend, My bestie, Two rooms & the kitchen, Just over, Wintergreen

Back to the start

By the numbers, It’s time…, Baby amame, Easy dance, Coffee…, Stealing the best

Helluva polka

A different, Bonapart, Mama…, Tell the wold


Black horse, Aberdeen, Floor it, Just over


Honky tonk strut

Calma y lento, Back to the start, Kiss for kicks

Raised like that

Helluva polka, One more time, Cherry bomb

City of music


15/04 Annulé
22/04 Vacances
29/04 Honky tonk strut, By the numbers, Stealling the best, Go country, Dare todance, Love ain’t, Mississipi Raised like that, Helluva polka, A differend.., The captain Belle louisiana Cold, Just over, Kiss & tell, Aberdeen

Ten tonne truck

Dark side, Something in the water, Love ain’nt, Kis for kicks, Hot tamales, Country boy’s lovin, Honky tonk strut

Through your eyes

Badda boum…, Crystal touch, Win, Revival

Young forever

Amame, Something you love, Two rooms in the kitchen, Legend


Dead or in jail

Ten tone truck, Baby amame, These old boots, Back to the star

Rhyme or reason

Through your eyes, Shallow end, Leaving of leaverpool

She don’t know

Young forever, Pick her up, Rise, Half past nothin, Something you love


You’re some girl

Dead or in jail, Sag .., Calma y lento, It’s time…

Gives me shivers

Rhym or reason, For my money, By your side, Badda boum..


She don’t know, Floor it, J’ai du boogie, My bestie


We’re good to go

You’re some girl, By the numbers, Honky tonk strut, Mississipi, Stealing the best

If you

Give me shivers, Bonaparte, The captain, Cherry bomb

New dawn

Brokenhearted, Just over, Black horse


Jailhouse créole

We’re good…, 1O1, Country boy.., Coffee…, Hot tamales, Easy dance

LD funk – N

If you, For my money, Revival, Crystal touch, Win, Tell the world

Wagon wheel rock

New dawn, Cold, Wintergreen, Half past…, Two …

17/06 Jailhouse créole, Mississipi, Love ain’t, Something…, Calma y lento, Sag …, Go country, Stealing the best By your side, Leaving of leaverpool, Sweet sweet…, Mama’s…, One more time Wagon …, Legend, Aberdeen, Floor it
  Bonne vacances à tous!!!

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